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Hi I'm Nicky, I have Autism which is challenging and frustrating at times, ' So I'm not the most chatty Beautician you will find but it helps me to focus on the job in hand.

Hobbies and Interests: I like spending time with my niece and nephew, we make lots of craft things together. 

My biggest passion is watching and buying D.V.D'S,

I have over 2000 so far.

When did you join NO.12 hair and beauty: January 2013 just after it opened.

Your favourite product: is O.P.I. Nail Varnish, I like the quirky name there called!

I have a N.V.Q. Level 1 at Kidderminster College and a

N.V.Q. Level 2 at Redditch College 12 years ago.

Favourite Milkshake to drink is: Vanilla

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